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About is an international, yet also a local, division of Talent Management helping actors get themselves in front of the people who matter, the audience!!. To do that, casting directors, producers and writers need to see that the actor they have in mind, actually does exist, is capable and available. That’s what this business does, it offers actors the opportunity  to demonstrate all those things and much more, every hour of the day and night, worldwide, to anyone interested.

In this acting area of our Talent Management Group we are looking for novice as well as skilled, trained actors, as we have a growing demand from stage, screen and film clients for actors every day. From this popular demand we have built valuable contacts helping us stand out from other agencies., an international as well as provincial division of Talent Management, the acting employment agency, connecting with film, TV and stage executives, find and secure the actors they require is an important division of the Talent Management Group of employment agencies specializing in talent, that has showbiz experience spanning more than two decades. With this level of experience we have the ability to help new, as well as established actors with auditions, presentations and roles. There is no business like show business and we make that business, our business.
If you’re interested in applying to register for the services of ‘TM’, this dynamic acting agency, take a look at the Actor-Direct Site and apply today.

 If you are looking to hire an actor, visit the site to see the talented actors we have on our books all specialising in a broad variety of styles, from character to lead actors, newcomers, and professionals alike.

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